Traditional Lime Plaster - Coarse
Traditional Lime Plaster - Coarse
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Traditional Lime Plaster - Coarse

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Base plaster based on natural hydraulic lime for indoor use, especially for objects relevant to monument preservation. With limited possibility of use also outdoors.

HISTOCAL ® historic pure lime plaster CS I – inside, coarse – consists of natural hydraulic lime (NHL) and white lime hydrate according to EN 459-1 as well as grain-graded crushed lime sand. HISTOCAL ® historic pure lime plaster CS I – inside, coarse – is cement-free .

This high-performance product is suitable for indoor use , especially in renovation and monument preservation , as its grading curve is based on historical findings . It is highly permeable and moisture and climate-regulating . Due to its natural alkalinity, HISTOCAL ® Historical Pure Lime Plaster CS I – interior, coarse – effectively prevents the formation of mould.

HISTOCAL ® historical pure lime plasters fulfill in an exemplary manner the reference to the historical findings - the lime mortar - required by the preservation of monuments. Through the interaction of hydraulic and carbonate hardening, HISTOCAL ® historic pure lime plasters set slowly and without tension . They have a low modulus of elasticity and can therefore easily absorb thermal and mechanical tension.

Technical Data
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Water Consumption

approx. 4.8 l each bag


25kg (55lb)


HISTOCAL® Historic pure lime plaster CS I (inside, coarse) is made of natural hydraulic lime acc. to EN 459-1, Puzzolan and grain-classified lime crushed sands


• free of cement

• grading curve according to historic findings

• highly permeable

• moisture- and climate regulating

• exclusively consists of natural raw materials

• low-tension hardening process

• no mold formation due to high alkalinity

• low E-module


For the interior and exterior, in particular for the restoration and preservation of historic monuments. HISTOCAL® Historic pure lime plaster CS I (inside, coarse) can be applied in one or several layers onto historic masonry and historic old coatings. Fill joints and stone chunkings with HISTOCAL® Historic pure lime plaster CS I (inside, coarse) and replace any missing stones. If a bonding improvement or regulating of the absorbency of the substrate will be required, a net-shaped or full-surface preliminary splatter-dash with CALCEA® lime bonding plaster must be applied.

A further coating is possible with HISTOCAL® HISTOCAL® Historic pure lime plaster CS I (inside, coarse) or with products from the CALCEA® or CAREMA® program. For exterior applications, we recommend HISTOCAL® Historic pure lime plaster CS II (outside, coarse). If HISTOCAL® Historic pure lime plaster CSI (inside, coarse) to be used in exterior, contact our expert advisors.

Plaster substrate

The plaster substrate must be dry, clean and free from loosely attached particles. Always carry out plaster substrate test according to VOB/C and DIN 18350. Any surfaces not suitable as plaster substrates must be spanned with plaster supports.


Process with all commonly used plaster machines and mixing pumps or by hand. In case of a conveying and processing with a machine, please contact our technical consultants. After absorption, sharply level with metal straight edge or smooth with grated scraper. Waiting period before further coating: 1 day for each mm of plaster thickness, with suitable drying conditions.

Special notes

Protect fresh plaster against fast drying-up. The air and surface temperature must be at least 5 ° C and maximum 25 ° C. HISTOCAL® Historic pure lime plaster CS I (inside, coarse) shall only be used in the original state without additives.


Dry, if possible on wooden shelves and protected against draft.

Technical data

Mortar group: CS I acc. to EN 998-1 acc. to DIN V 18550 PI

Fire Class: A1

Grain size: 0-4.5 mm

Solid mortar raw density: approx.1.55 kg/dm³

Compressive strength 28 days: approx. 0.8 N/mm²

E-Module: approx. 1300 N/mm²

Water steam diffusion

resistance factor µ: < 8

Water absorption: W0

Safety instructions

Mortal will react very alkaline with water, thus: Protect skin and eyes, rinse thoroughly with water in case of contact, immediately contact doctor in case of eye contact.

Quality-monitored production

HISTOCAL® Historic pure lime plaster CS I (inside, coarse) is continuously tested in our plant laboratory within the scope of our inhouse monitoring with respect to the fulfilment of composition and properties. This will ensure a uniform quality of the product.