Roman Coliseum

Restoration of the Colosseum in Rome with NHL of OTTERBEIN

The Colosseum was between 72 and 80 AD and is the largest closed building of Roman antiquity. It is also the largest amphitheater ever built in the world. In ancient Rome, in the Coliseum, among other gladiatorial fights, trailing naval battles or animal hunts for entertainment and amusement of the citizens of the Roman Empire aligned. Today, the Coliseum is one of Italy's major landmarks and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of Rome's ancient city .

During demanding refurbishment work to preserve the coliseum for posterity, our HYDRADUR ® NHL 5 hydraulic lime was used , which is predestined for the production of mortars according to a historical model, which have high elasticity and a continuous, low-tension hardening process. As a result, wall or plaster damage to the historic building can be effectively avoided.

Used OTTERBEIN products: