About Otterbein

The OTTERBEIN cement and lime works are a traditional family business in the 5th generation, founded in 1889 by Georg Otterbein, who laid the foundation for today's company by merging small lime distilleries.

Today, OTTERBEIN produces a comprehensive, high-quality product range from the natural raw material limestone at its Großenlüder-Müs location in accordance with the motto “We bring stones to life”. The range includes over 100 different products in the areas of cement, lime, plaster and mortar as well as mineral coatings for our customers in different areas of application:   

Starting from the processing building materials industry through building, civil engineering and road construction, house and apartment construction, monument preservation or agriculture, forestry and pond management through to industrial environmental protection, for example in the areas of drinking water treatment and air pollution control.

The company's cornerstones are based on the motto “Those who rely on nature can rely on us”. In this sense, OTTERBEIN has stood for sustainable development for over 130 years, which aims to combine economic performance, ecological compatibility and social responsibility.

The rich limestone deposits in the Lauterbacher Graben led to the emergence of processing companies and trades early on. They also prompted Georg Otterbein to found his company in Großenlüder-Müs over 130 years ago as a merger of several smaller lime distilleries.

In the years that followed, the company grew steadily and became known far beyond the region's borders. With increasing automation, the location was further expanded and new areas of work were opened up. Even though the markets are international today and Europe has long been a reality, the deep connection to the region remains unchanged.

With state-of-the-art production facilities, the use of environmentally friendly technologies and investments, a market-oriented product range, customer-oriented logistics and strong partners, OTTERBEIN is prepared for the future.

A reliable guarantee of the highest quality since 1889, OTTERBEIN will continue to meet growing demands in the future. In harmony with people, nature and their long tradition.

Natural lime and cement: quality from nature

The natural product lime has become an indispensable raw material in many industrial branches. Lime is a key element in high-quality everyday products in the construction industry, in the building materials industry, in agriculture, forestry, the iron and steel industry, the food and chemical industry, and environmental protection. Otterbein offers a comprehensive product range on natural lime basis: white lime, natural hydraulic limes, high-quality fertilizer limes, lime breaking sand and finely ground unburnt limes. A modern industrial society is unthinkable without the basic material lime.

Cement is a versatile binder with a wide range of applications as a basic material for modern and economical universal construction concrete, as a mineral binder for plasters, mortars and screeds, as a building material for environmental protection and road construction. Its natural, mineral raw material makes it particularly valuable, durable and recyclable. On the basis of the raw material lime, various cement products with excellent structural properties are produced at the Otterbein factory: Portland, Portland composite and high-strength cements. Modern production facilities and state-of-the-art technologies ensure
high production quality and favorable environmental balance. The hydraulic binder cement, whose origins date back to the Roman age (opus caementitium), has gained a top place among the building materials in the modern construction industry through a consistent cement research and versatile application technology.

Plasters and mortars for healthy building and living

New building materials and the increasing need for the rationalization of construction have caused a rethinking of the use and thus in the production of plaster and masonry mortar in recent years. With the development of special transport, conveying and processing systems this important rationalization process could be initiated. Expensive and partly no longer existing manual work were substituted.

With its broad product range, which is tailored to the latest application technology and precisely defined in terms of quality, Otterbein fully meets these requirements and safety requirements. Permanent quality inspection during production and state-of-the-art production lines are further guarantees for the high otterbein product standard. Plasters, mortars and floor slabs are an innovative offer for ceiling, wall, floor and façade at Otterbein. The work floor mortar and floor tile combine a wide range of applications with high application comfort. Completely mixed on the factory side, they contribute to a quick, simple construction progress, help to save costs and ensure consistently high quality. Special products round out the range in the field of renovation and renovation.

Consistent customer orientation creates the prerequisite for an advanced service package; From comprehensive application advice to on-site product delivery to the delivery of processing technology.