Injection Grout/Mortar 2.5




Injection Grout/Mortar, M 2.5

Technical Data

Product Brochure

Spreading Rate

24 l wet mortar each 25 kg bag

Water Consumption

approx. 0.42 l/kg


25 kg


HISTOCAL® Injection mortar – M2.5 consists of natural hydraulic lime NHL 5 acc. to EN 459-1, Puzzolan, grain-classified crushed lime sands and improvement additives.


• soft, plastic consistency

• lime-bound

• suitable for pumping

• pressure-stable

• without cement


HISTOCAL® Injection mortar – M2.5 is suitable for the filling of cracks and hollow spaces, in particular at historic monuments and for masonry renovation.


The substrate must be clean and free from loosely attached particles. A sufficient preliminary wetting is compulsory.

Special notes

Protect fresh mortar against fast drying-up. The air and surface temperature must be at least 5 ° C and maximum 25 ° C. HISTOCAL® Injection mortar – M2,5 shall only be used in the original state without additives.


Dry, if possible on wooden shelves and protected against draft.

Technical data

Mortar group: M2.5 acc. to EN 998-2

Fire Class: A1

Compressive strength after 28 d: >3.6N/mm2

expected compressive strength after 56 d: >6.5 N/mm²

Solid mortar density: 1.45 kg/dm³.

Largest grain size: < 0.7 mm

Water absorption: W0

Safety instructions

Mortal will react very alkaline with water, thus: Protect skin and eyes, rinse thoroughly with water in case of contact, immediately contact doctor in case of eye contact..

Quality-monitored production

HISTOCAL® Injection mortar – M2.5 is continuously tested in our plant laboratory within the scope of our in-house monitoring with respect to the fulfilment of composition and properties. This will ensure a uniform quality of the product.