Hydrated Lime
Hydrated Lime
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Hydrated Lime

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White Lime Hydrate 2 CL 90-S

Technical Data

Mixing Ratio

1 part NHL to 3 part sand maximum




Otterbein White lime hydrate II is a white lime CL 90-S according to EN 459-1. White lime hydrate II corresponds to class 1, quality A, type 1 According to EN 12518 "Product for the treatment of water for the Human use ". Otterbein White Lime Hydrate II is a Burned, slaked lime. Hardening takes place through Carbonation


• for the treatment of drinking water

• for sewage and sewage sludge treatment

• for flue gas de-sulphurization

• for the production of wall and plaster mortars

• for the preparation of lime paints

• for stall disinfection

• for pH regulation

• in road construction for soil improvement and solidification


Dry, preferably on wood grids and protected against drafts

Technical specifications

CaO + MgO: Approx. 96%

Bulk density: About 0.4 kg / dm³

Specific Surface Area (BET): Approx. 20 m² / g

Safety instructions

Product reacts with water strongly alkaline, therefore: In case of contact, immediately flush skin with plenty of water In case of eye contact seek medical advice immediately.

Quality control

Otterbein White Lime Hydrate II is used in our factory laboratory as well In a recognized testing institute within the framework of Monitoring of compliance with its And properties. This is a Consistent quality of the product. Otterbein White lime hydrate II carries the "lime" quality label and is Certified according to EN 459-1.