Lime Bonding Plaster
Lime Bonding Plaster
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Lime Bonding Plaster

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Calcea® Lime Bonding/Spatterdashing Plaster

Technical Data

Product Brochure

Spreading Rate

for approx. 10 mm plaster application approx. 1.65 m2 each 25 kg bag

Water Consumption

approx. 5.8 l each bag




CALCEA® lime bonding plaster consists exclusively of natural hydraulic lime acc. to EN 459-1, Puzzolan and grain-classified crushed lime sands as well as additives for the improvement of the processing and bonding


• without cement

• suitable for allergy sufferers

• highly permeable

• moisture- and climate regulating

• low-tension hardening process

• no mold formation due to high alkalinity

• low E-module

• good bonding properties


CALCEA® lime bonding plaster is suitable for the use on difficult substrates. E.g. concrete surfaces, soft wood fibre boards or nonabsorbent stones. As preliminary splash mortar for lime plasters on non- or weakly absorbent substrates.

Plaster substrate

The plaster substrate must be dry, clean and free from loosely attached particles. Always carry out plaster substrate test according to VOB/C and DIN 18350. Any surfaces not suitable as plaster substrates must be spanned with plaster supports.


CALCEA® lime bonding plaster can be processed with all commonly used plaster machines as well as by hand. Waiting period before further coating: 1 day for each mm of plaster thickness, with suitable drying conditions.

Special notes

Protect fresh plaster against fast drying-up. The air and surface temperature must be at least 5 °C and maximum 25 °C. CALCEA® lime bonding plaster shall only be used in the original state without additives.


Dry, if possible on wooden shelves and protected against draft.

Technical data

Mortar group: CS II acc. to EN 998-1 P II acc. to DIN 18550

Fire Class: A1

Grain size: 0-4 mm

Solid mortar raw density: approx. 1.6 kg/dm3

Compressive strength 28 days: approx. 2.4 N/mm2

E-Module: approx. 1300 N/mm2

Water vapour diffusion

resistance factor µ: < 8

Water absorption: W0

Safety instructions

Mortal will react very alkaline with water, thus: Protect skin and eyes, rinse thoroughly with water in case of contact, immediately contact doctor in case of eye contact.

Quality-monitored production

CALCEA® lime bonding plaster is continuously tested in our plant laboratory within the scope of our in-house monitoring with respect to the fulfilment of composition and properties. This will ensure a uniform quality of the product.