About Atlas

Welcome to Atlas Preservation a Monument and Building Restoration Supply Company. We strive to provide the most competitive pricing, most reliable, and consistent preservation, restoration, & repair products on the market.

Based on personal hands-on experience working in stone installation, restoration and preservation since 1986, our inventory and product selection options are extensive and unique.

The Atlas Blog is our news feed & contains information, pictures, & videos about us at Atlas, and calling attention to the new products as they arrive. Insightful and interesting preservation/restoration news.

Atlas Preservation is your one stop shop for stone epoxy, as we inventory assorted products to  join new stone, masonry and to repair & conserve historic stone. Atlas also stocks a wide range of stone cleaners including D/2, for removal of biological activity, Akemi for stubborn staining from rust and pollution as a full line of Graffiti removal and prevention products and supplies from a leader in the field, Graffiti Solutions.

Atlas has cleaning and treatment solutions for stone, masonry, metals &  much more.

Numerous adhesives options are in stock from Pratley & Akemi.

Monument repair and installation supplies, including monument setting compound in 4 colors, lead & plastic spacers. Bon Tool pinch bars and setting bars.

We also have lifting slings, hoists, hardware & lifting tripods all in stock.

Atlas will be expanding to more product lines and increasing product selection on an ongoing basis.

Who are we? Atlas Preservation is located in Southington, Connecticut & founded by Jonathan Appell and his two sons Aaron and Josh. Jonathan has over 25 years of experience preserving, restoring, and repairing gravestones and monuments. Currently Jonathan spreads his knowledge by holding the most annual workshops for gravestone preservation and will now transition that knowledge into providing a high quality, and reliable product line to fit everyone's stone preservation needs.

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